dude hittin the nae nae on the news
  • boys:if ur slutty enough to send a nude pic then u deserve to have it shared everywhere lmao
  • boys:please send me nudes baby you're so beautiful i just wanna see more of you please baby i thought you loved me
July 22, 2014
Stop looking at your misfortunes as inconveniences, and start accepting them as opportunities for ultimate growth. Once you master the ability to achieve this, your world will start changing right before your eyes. Awakened Vibrations (via awakenedvibrations)

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July 22, 2014


I need $$
Not friends

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July 22, 2014

i wish i was as cool as this guy


if ur looking for me i’ll be in the trash

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July 22, 2014
July 22, 2014
July 22, 2014
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